Do you live in Greater Vancouver, and have always wanted a fabulous aquarium, but don’t really know to set up or look after the delicate corals and sensitive fish?

Cleair Aquatics offers both aquarium installation packages and ongoing aquarium maintenance programs.

Aquarium Installation

Don’t have the knowledge or the time to prepare your new salt water or fresh water aquarium? Cleair Aquatics offers installation and setup of your aquarium.  Our reasonably priced installation package ensures your tank is ready and safe for adding your new fish, plants and corals.

Our Aquarium Installation packages include the following:

  • Installation of sump / filter including piping, pumps, heater, protein skimmer (if applicable), and any other hardware required.
  • Treatment of aquarium water (includes addition of salt for salt water tanks)
  • Treatment of gravel, rocks, & ornaments (if applicable)
  • Starting of the water cycling in preparation of fish & corals
  • Training on how to test water component concentrations

If required, Clear Aquatics will return for a follow up visit to test water and help with the introduction of your new fish.

Contact Cleair to enquire about costs to install your new Cleair Aquatics aquarium!

Got your aquarium installed?  Ask us about our aquarium maintenance programs. We look after the health of your fish and aquatic life, so you don’t have to.

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