Aquarium Leasing in Vancouver BC

Rent your fish tank! Lease an Aquarium! 

If you are a business owner and are looking for an attractive addition to your decor, or are a home owner looking for that something extra, why not consider an aquarium?  Cleair Aquatics provides high end aquariums for lease.

When you lease an aquarium from Cleair, you have choices:

DIY Aquarium Leasing Startup Package

  • Lease the hardware, do the rest yourself (Cleair supplies everything needed to cycle the water - tank, sump / filter, cabinet, piping, and filter media).
  • Cleair will provide our comprehensive installation service package
  • Once we’ve set up the aquarium, it’s all yours to manage


Cleair Full Service Aquarium Leasing Package

With the full-service aquarium package, Cleair does everything for you except feed the fish.  Tell us what you want for a tank size, model, fish preference, location and we pretty much do the rest.  We will set up the tank, stabilize the water, add the fish & plants / corals, and then look after all the aquarium maintenance as you need.

NOTE: There is a 6 month minimum term for all leased aquariums.


Why lease an aquarium?

Leasing means you have no long term commitment – buying a tank, fish, supplies, etc means you are in it for the long haul.  Lease a tank.  Enjoy the benefits of an aquarium without the up front costs.

If you manage or own a business and are looking for an aquarium that can really be a showpiece, but don’t have the time or the knowledge, then consider leasing.  It’s simple, it’s stress-free and it’s a great way to go to have an impact on your business. 

Give Cleair Aquatics a call to enquire about how we can help you lease an aquarium.

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