Aquarium Leasing in Vancouver BC

Rent your fish tank! Lease an Aquarium! 

If you are a business owner and are looking for an attractive addition to your decor, or are a home owner looking for that something extra, why not consider an aquarium?  Cleair Aquatics provides high end aquariums for lease.

When you lease an aquarium from Cleair, you have choices:

DIY Aquarium Leasing Startup Package

  • Lease the hardware, do the rest yourself (Cleair supplies everything needed to cycle the water - tank, sump / filter, cabinet, piping, and filter media).
  • Cleair will provide our comprehensive installation service package
  • Once we’ve set up the aquarium, it’s all yours to manage


Cleair Full Service Aquarium Leasing Package

With the full-service aquarium package, Cleair does everything for you except feed the fish.  Tell us what you want for a tank size, model, fish preference, location and we pretty much do the rest.  We will set up the tank, stabilize the water, add the fish & plants / corals, and then look after all the aquarium maintenance as you need.

NOTE: There is a 6 month minimum term for all leased aquariums.


Why lease an aquarium?

Leasing means you have no long term commitment – buying a tank, fish, supplies, etc means you are in it for the long haul.  Lease a tank.  Enjoy the benefits of an aquarium without the up front costs.

If you manage or own a business and are looking for an aquarium that can really be a showpiece, but don’t have the time or the knowledge, then consider leasing.  It’s simple, it’s stress-free and it’s a great way to go to have an impact on your business. 

Aquarium Leasing IS an effective means for a business to manage its cashflow

Consider the tax advantage – the rental is usually an immediate office expense. And you do not end up with a paper asset which you then have to depreciate. Nor do you end up with an asset to dispose of when you eventually move or renovate.
Renting can save money too! It is insurance against the loss of expensive fish – for whatever reason. A two metre aquarium can easily house hundreds of dollars of plants and fish. Even more for salt water aquariums. And you will never need worry about the cost of replacing filters, lights, heaters, pumps and consumables. You will not need water test kits and treatments which other aquarium owners need.

Whether you like goldfish, marine (reef, salt water), or tropical fish, whether you desire a feature display, a fish tank for relaxation, or simply a soothing water feature, we can make your aquarium experience simple and hassle-free.

Our lease price includes:

  • Maintenance on a 14 day interval (7 day intervals are offered for special tank requirements)
  • ALL AQUASCAPING will be as part of the monthly service charge
  • Cleaning aquarium surfaces inside and outside
  • Water changes
  • Water testing
  • Marine Salts
  • Foods: A variety of Dry, Freeze dried and Frozen foods
  • 24/7 on-call emergency service

Give Cleair Aquatics a call to enquire about how we can help you lease an aquarium.

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